​Angus/Wagyu Ready June 2017
Taking orders Augus/Wagyu steer that is ready for harvest this June 2017. Please call or email if you would like to purchase a share (part: 1/4, 1/2 etc.) or a whole. We will send you the custom cut sheets and answer your questions.
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Ellis Farm​​

Our Goal: Always be "A CUT ABOVE" for our customers
No antibotics, hormones, or steroids. Just grass fed, grass finished.
All animals are humanely treated and humanely processed. 
Master Sheep and Goat Meat Producer.
Certificate # 05-03313-2017-18218 
Our Happy and Healthy Cattle
From our fields to your dinner table and ours, as we eat what we sell.  We provide our customers with top quality beef. Our customers tell us our beef is  affordable, tasty, tender and easily digestable. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy.  We  invite you and your family to come an join our family of happy satisfied customers.
Try our sample pack and find out why our family of happy customers say we are:
"A Cut Above" 
​Our Sunny Natured Katahdins
Katahdins are a hair sheep so there is no lanolin or mutton taste. They have a mild flavor that our family of customers prefer. Most of our customers say the lamb takes on the flavor of the spices that are used in cooking. All of our animals are humanely treated and processed. This humane treatment reduces the stress on our animals and  besides making us feel good about their treatment, it makes for a better tasting product as no adverse hormones are released. We invite you and your family to try our sample pack as we believe you and yours will become a member of our happliy satisfied family of customers. 
Delivery Options
Benefits of Grass Fed/Finished Beef
Benefits of Grass Fed/Finished
We make combined deliveries to Tallahassee, Jeacksonville, Gainesville, Valdosta, and other surrounding nearby towns to keep cost low. Overnnight shipping is also available. We provide shipping estimates for all orders.  
 Total Less fat, more heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, has 5 times more conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA), which is thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks. Higher in vitamin E,  beta carotene, and is easily digestible.
Contains valuable amounts of CLA conjugated linoleic acid, thought to reduce heart disease/cancer risks, excellent source of B12, protein, selenium, and niacin. Also a good source of zinc and phosphorus. Lamb is also easily digestible.
Say "Hello" to "King Bob" our new Waygu Bull
                 To Our Family of Customers

We want to thank our family of customers for their continued support. You good folks are the reason we are able to provide the healthy food products we grow on our farm.  Your support is greatly appreciated and we are thankful for each one of you. We are indeed blessed to have our family of customers in our lives. It is becasue of you we strive for our goal:  "A Cut Above."  From our family to yours, "Thank you!"  If there is a product you would like us to provide to your family please drop us a line using the "Contact" page and we will see what we can do.                     Warmest Regards,
Chris and Jeanne Ellis
King Bob has the genetics to back up his name. Waygu is the breed that is used for "Kobe" beef. Wagyu beef that comes from Kobe, Japan is called "Kobe beef". Only beef from Kobe, Japan can be called "Kobe Beef". Many of our customers do not care for the unfamiliar consistency of 100% wagyu beef . Our goal at Ellis Farm is to provide our family of customers with the products they prefer. Because Wagyu has several grades above "USDA Prime" we are cross breeding Wagyu with South Poll and Angus. Stay tuned for the results of our taste test for the cross breeding!